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Enjoy a
well-deserved rest

Our spa area: small but charming

The perfect place to recharge and relax at the end of a day on the ski slopes or hiking on the most beautiful panoramic trails in the Dolomites.

Finnish Sauna

When sweating is good for you

Switching from hot to cold temperatures is extremely beneficial for the whole body, producing energy, purifying the skin, increasing the elimination of impurities and stimulating the heart and circulation.

Turkish bath

An ancient ritual

Cooler than a Finnish sauna, but with high humidity. The essential oils and healing herbs dissolved in the steam are absorbed by the skin and respiratory tract and have a beneficial effect on the entire organism.

Herbal sauna

Mountain scent

Thanks to the herbal sauna, body, spirit and soul are completely regenerated. Relaxing in this special aromatic atmosphere brings strength and calm and has healing and beneficial effects on the entire body.

Infrared sauna

Great for your back

Infrared radiation is the best means of introducing heat into the body - without contact and without disturbing skin thermoregulation. When infrared rays reach the body, they are mainly absorbed by the outermost skin layers and converted into heat, without penetrating any deeper. The body increases the skin's blood circulation to cool itself. The heat can only be transported through the blood and distributed throughout the body. How this heated blood is distributed depends mainly on which form of thermoregulation reaction is stimulated by the application of heat.

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